The Starseed & Earthseed Activation

Activate Your Soul Mission, Claim Your Heritage & Awaken Your Spiritual Superpowers


Riya Loveguard Light worker

The state of the world right now is stirring the Starseeds and Earthseeds among us. We are receiving energetic calls from the Quantum Realm to awaken, rediscover, and step into divine alignment in order to fulfill their soul mission – to help the planet ascend.

The beauty of being incarnated many times over is that you can be a Starseed and an Earthseed at the same time, because you have lived many past lives both here on Earth and  in planets across many galaxies.

As part of my new Starseed and Earthseed Activation Program, I will be doing a FREE Live Event where we can help you connect with the wisdom of your soul origins and get you up-to-speed with your divine purpose.

Children of the Stars, peel your eyes towards the skies for wisdom.

Offspring of the Earth, feel the divine roadmap under your bare feet.

In this live free activation, you will:

What Are Starseeds and Earthseeds?


Starseeds are souls whose consciousness originated outside of this planet. Seeing the human crises, Starseeds stepped up and volunteered to incarnate on Earth to help humanity anchor in higher frequencies of the Universe, and ultimately ascend to a higher plane of consciousness.


Earthseeds are those whose soul origins are of the ancient civilizations of the Earth like Lemuria and Atlantis and who might not have incarnated in other planets in any of their past lives, but are similarly called to access the ancient wisdom and help the planet shed its three-dimensional consciousness.

What Is Your ‘Divine Mission’ As A Starseed or Earthseed?

In my experience helping Starseeds and Earthseeds awaken from the 3D sleep that they have been under since incarnating on this planet, this question has been asked to me a thousand times.

What is this “divine purpose” or “mission” that Starseeds and Earthseeds came here to do and why is it so important?

Before you incarnated in this life, you and your Soul Family have already seen that the human race is at the brink of destruction. And it’s not just you. All other citizens of the cosmos (meaning, other races from other Galaxies) have witnessed this slow but steady decline of humankind.

Wars, greedy politics, inequitable justice systems, inhumane treatment towards one another, selfishness, the exploitation of Mother Nature, insatiable hunger for power, etc. 

There are all three-dimensional propensities that humans have because our consciousness has not yet evolved to the same level as other Galactic Beings in other dimensions. There are things about the universe we still know nothing of, and we are the children playing towards the edge of extinction, as other highly-ascended and “mature” Galactic Beings watch and worry about us.

So, brave and filled with purpose, your soul has chosen to incarnate at this crucial period of human history, to help other souls awaken and expand their consciousness.

What Does ‘Expanding People’s Consiousness’ Mean?

Expanding people’s consciousness simply means helping others become more aware that there is more to them as individuals than the worldly codes embedded in their consciousness.

That each person is more than their status, name, career, income, genetic make-up or physical appearance. We are more than our failures, mistakes, triumphs, accolades, friendships, relationships, trauma, and achievements.

To ascend to a higher plane and expand consciousness means that each person must recognize that there are aspects that play a role in their reality, which are invisible to the naked human eye, but which they can actually master and co-create with to build a better world – a New Earth.

And this is your role, as a Starseed and Earthseed – to get everyone to take off their 3D glasses and actually see the movie – beyond the special effects, beyond the deafening soundtrack, and actually recognize the crew behind the camera!

Once you activate your Starseed and/or Earthseed Mission, you will find a unique way to play your role in this great spectacle and you will be able to help others do the same.

This is exactly what I am doing in the Starseed and Earthseed Activation!

riya loveguard quantum transformation

RIYA Loveguard

Riya  Loveguard is an energy worker whose mission on Earth is to activate supernatural abilities in Starseeds, Earthseeds, Lightworkers, Healers, Creatives and Conscious Entrepreneurs.

Riya is a global leading expert on cutting-edge Sound Technology called the Language of Light.  Riya uses a wide repertoire of various Galactic and Terrestrial Languages including Arcturian, Lemurian, Sirian, Pleiadian and numerous other frequencies with great precision.

Riya uses powerful frequencies encoded within Light Languages, as well as other Quantum tools and modalities, to assist New Earth leaders in developing profitable, long-term, and meaningful business solutions and financial affluence that reconciles entrepreneurship with spirituality.

Riya also uses her extensive expertise operating both online and offline businesses to assist entrepreneurs and spiritual practitioners alike in developing strategies that allow them to live the life of their dreams by embracing their divinely-given abilities.

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