Are you ready to reclaim your spiritual superpowers?
Want to say goodbye to obstacles and setbacks that are keeping you from reaching your full potential?


When you activate your Soul’s Essence, you return to the state of flow and alignment and open yourself up to reclaim the abilities you’ve had before you came through the veil of forgetfulness when incarnating here on Earth.

This potent channelled activation works on calling in all iterations of your higher self

Use this powerful energy transmission to:

In this powerful activation Riya channels Arcturian, Lyran and Pleiadian energies to call in all parts of yourself that make up your Soul’s unique blueprint so you can step into the fullness of your cosmic gifts and activate your mission here on Planet Earth.

Simply find a quiet space, get comfortable, close your eyes, relax and open up to receive. Riya and her Guides will do the rest. 

During the activation, Riya channels powerful Galactic codes in the form of Light Languages that work deeply to rewire your personal energy field and on every dimension of your being, for immediate profound results.

What you may experience during the energy transmission:

You can’t mess it up! This only way for this activation not to work is if you don’t want it to! As long as you approach it with an open mind and an intention to receive the energy upgrade, you will!

The energy transmission in this activation is very powerful. This is why you don’t need to listen to it over and over again. If you set your intention to receive it and seal the transmission with gratitude, one session will be enough. You will also need to allow a period of integration. However, once your energetic field has been upgraded with the activation, you can repeat the process. The recording is yours to keep and to watch whenever you desire.

You don’t need to do anything special apart from finding a comfortable space. Prior to the activation I will provide you with simple, clear, precise instructions on how to make the most of this transmission.

You can listen to it absolutely anywhere. Just make sure it is quiet, comfortable and that you will not be disturbed.

The process is powerful but completely safe. The transmission is sent to you with pure intention, love and blessings. All you need to do is relax, and be open to the energy working in your field.

Riya Loveguard

Riya Loveguard

Starseed Activator

Riya has had the ability to speak Light Languages for the last 15 years and permanently speaks five Galactic Light Languages of Andromedan, Arcturian, Lyrand, Sirian and Pleiadian origins. She can also speak the Languages of Lemuria and Atlantis.

The “weight of living” made her push her spiritual gifts to one side. For over a decade she was busy running very down-to-earth property companies as well as building a personal online brand in her native Poland.

Life challenges, stress and ultimately a failure of her offline business pushed her to pursue the path of mindfulness, meditation and manifestation.

Today, she is on a mission to unlock my full divine potential whilst experiencing this most amazing playground called 3D reality.

Whilst her journey to freedom, abundance and ascension is still unfolding, she has covered some distance already. She has discovered amazing tools and modalities, many of which she still uses daily to create the life of my dreams.

Her goal is to assist you in Living the Dream and reach your divine potential.