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Multiple streams of income and a free flow of money and abundance into your Energy Field. This is what we will order in this powerful activation for your desired income!


In this financial wealth activation, I combine together four different, yet equally transformative flavors for maximum impact in your Energetic Field:

Hey, want to know a secret?

The secret is that there is absolutely no limit to your power of creation. The age-old saying is true: whatever your mind can perceive, your body (and reality) can achieve.

Listen to the most successful people in the world. They have said it time and again, the power of creating your desired reality starts within your mind. Creation begins with perception.

Albert Einstein said it best: “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Want to know another secret, though? The second secret is that imagination and perception, when combined with intention, an understanding of the energy of abundance, and with a little nudge of help from Light Beings, makes an absolute knock-out combination to manifest an ideal and long-lasting life of your dreams!

This “secret” is what I intend to combine and pour into your Energetic Field, so that you can have the most ideal, and sustainable sources of your desired income and financial wealth.


In this financial wealth activation, I want to combine together the different, yet equally transformative flavors for maximum impact in your Energetic Field:

1. The Energy of Intention

Intention dispels any ambiguity in your Energetic Field and makes it absolutely clear for the Universe to hear what you really want from the menu of abundance. You don’t want just any cheesecake. You intend to have the best-tasting vegan cheesecake with a blueberry on top and you want it now! You don’t want just any form of abundance, you intend to have financial abundance that is sustainable and long-lasting! And let me tell you, when you master the power of intention, the waiter (a.k.a. Universe) will stumble to the kitchen to get you your order now, fresh and fast.

2. The Power of Precision

With the Power of Precision your attention to detail is being called to center stage.

So you want that increase in income, but what kind of increase do you want, exactly? Because you can tell the waiter (again, the Universe), you want the cheesecake, but then there could be a handful of cheesecakes on the menu. Are you set on the Blueberry? The New York one? The Oreo one? Precision means you will be as specific as possible about your desired reality.

It’s not enough now to say “I want abundance.”  Instead, we will state exactly what we want, and give it numbers and substance!

I will cue you to phrase it as if it’s already there. Because guess what? Absolutely everything is already on the menu. All you have to do is order it from the waiter (and don’t forget to be polite and say “please” and  “thank you!”)

3. The Energy of Money

So many of us think about money like it’s an object, and yes, in the physical world, it can be just an object – no feelings, no thoughts.

Yet, despite not being a sentient being in this 3D realm, money actually carries A LOT of energy. And once you accept that and even think about money like a being, like an energetic entity, your relationship with Her (not it) will dramatically change for the better.

You might not see money do its work for you, but she’s in that kitchen, working to make you the best cheesecake of your life!

4. Pleiadian Energy

Out of all the Galactic Beings that I regularly collaborate with to help people in their spiritual journey, why the Pleiadians for this activation?

The Pleiadians are best known for actively and constantly assisting us, humans, our our soul journeys, just like “guardian angels”. These Galactic Beings find our souls’ Earth lessons really fascinating and they try to learn as much as they can from us, too.

Pleiadian Energy is also very powerful and carries the very essence of photonic light, making our physicality less dense and heavy and accelerating our manifestations. For this reason, it is  the perfect energy to integrate into your Energetic Field, to guide you in finding


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RIYA Loveguard

Riya Loveguard is a conscious business strategist and spiritual activator for heart-led entrepreneurs, impact-driven coaches and lightworkers. 

As a conscious business mentor who is also a spiritual practitioner herself Riya is a fearless wayshower for New Earth leaders who are ready to create their own reality and leave a legacy beyond their wildest dreams.

Riya’s activations encompass powerful and expansive Galactic frequencies that holistically unleash your full divine potential and empower you as you navigate this 3D reality.

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