Ready for more impact influence income ?

Align your business with your Soul, amplify your resonance and recode yourself for ABUNDANCE!

You’ve answered the call.

You cut your teeth on “inner work”.

You know full well you’ve got divine gifts inside you.

… but you feel like you are barely scratching the surface!
… as you are not fully walking in your power…
… you are not yet living your dream…
… and worst of all, you are not enjoying the abundance that this planet has to offer!

You want to contribute and make ripples, but when it comes to showing the brilliance of your gifts to the world, you don’t know what your next steps should be.

You are ready to step up and create the life that your Soul is yearning for but you lack clarity as to how to do it!

You may be torn between doing what has been bringing you security, income and status so far and what your Soul ACTUALLY wants to create.

If you’re done playing outside of your genius zone
and are ready to say YES! to your Soul, I am here to activate your Soul Mission & Shift You into Abundance drawing on:

quantum business strategy riya loveguard

I am also ready to offer you my insightgul Quantum Business perspective based on:

I am here to provide you with the support you need to align with your soul’s mission, activate your supernatural abilities, find your truest expression and get your message heard in the congested online space.

My sessions are totally bespoke and combine strategic advice with energetic mission activation. We will look beyond this 3D veil to see where you really are on your journey, where you truly desire to be, and use the Galactic energy as well as trusted and proven business tools to get you there with speed, ease and joy.


Ready to start a new venture

Looking to launch a new offer or product

Seeking to expand your business

Ready for more impact, reach and revenue


I will use my energetic toolkit including my supernatural abilities and the potent frequencies of various Languages of Light so you can experience quantum, instant shifts and receive a full energy field upgrade over the Course of three Sessions!

Activate Your Soul’s Mission!

Amplify Your Impact!

Open Up to Abundance!



I was actually waiting for Riya to start offering individual sessions and as soon as she opened up her diary, I booked the package of three sessions.

It was most helpful for me to have her as a guide, and especially her support and insights for difficult topics and layers that were blocking my potential.

Riya showed me unconscious programs and patterns which I couldn’t see alone or it was hard for me to deal with them. She really helped me to remove what is not mine and to get to my own self. She gave me back my peace, confidence, clarity, and determination. I was able to move my business to a higher level, stop holding my dreams back or small, make them true immediately and release my doubts (especially about my worth). I had the power to take action.

I recommend Riya’s sessions to anyone who wants to create their business in a way that it brings connection and expression of the truest soul desires, joy, love, wisdom and who wants to do business for the bigger purpose than just to be able to survive, but to thrive on all levels and enrich the whole world!


Thank you for our call yesterday. I had a huge shift and feel the expansion within myself and receiving downloads for my next steps in business. Yah!! 

I felt lower density frequencies shift out of my body and then felt the energy of higher frequencies and upgrades yesterday. I’m even thinking differently. I feel really different, good different. In alignment with my soul and souls mission. 

You mentioned yesterday that I can speak light language or language of my soul without going into meditation. This morning I did my morning meditation and connected to my heart and spoke the light language and then opened my eyes and your right I could still speak it as it’s just there. 


Hi Riya – I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the session last Wednesday! It was absolutely amazing. The practical tips you gave me for my website were so helpful! And the integration of the energy work has felt pretty intense, so I know it’s had a massive impact! I’ve been connecting with my Lyran feline guides and have spoken the language more naturally too. Thank you and so much love from the bottom of my heart.


Thank you so much for your support and help.

The next morning when I was practicing meditation I felt a artic, continous COLD AIR right on the base of my spine. Almost as if I had a A/C at full blast aimed directly on my lower back. I must say that it felt like I was ascending higher realms of consciously and a higher octave of existance.

I AM…begining to remember bits and pieces

I AM…begining to own and recognize what and who I AM.

I have come to illuminate what has been kept in darkness.

I have come to help break the disadvantaged…out of the vegetative states of illusion.

I have come…To lift and hold high above the mustiness and perisables of the surrounding WORLD.


I was drawn to Riya because of her warm, down to earth manner, her honesty and humour but most of all her practical approach. These resonated with me and the session lived up to all of that on a one to one basis.

As a result of the work we did together I released programming and ancestral energies concerning how I relate to success and income. In particular, fears around how I am perceived by others, the impact on my relationships with them and how that manifested for me personally and was holding me back. In other words, judgement. The result was strengthening my own identity and my soul purpose; forging a soul connection with my business/income; releasing self doubt, shame and a deep seated fear of speaking my truth. I am now motivated, enthusiastic and feel a sense of liberation. I feel excited about the future and using my gifts to help others without fear or shame. A website is underway, new tech based contacts have arrived to help – here we go!

I’d recommend Riya’s sessions to anybody that is feeling stuck about what they dream to do and why it isn’t their current reality. Anybody that doesn’t have an open, free flowing, fullfilling relationship with money. Anybody that wants a kindly, loving, soul centered approach combined with wisdom, experience and practical advic


After our first session I had three days only drinking water as I felt I needed it. After that I experienced big shifting, I saw how I came to Earth, my mission. I went so deep, I could see how Starseeds come to Earth. My fears went away. I have so much energy! I finally started preparing content for my business and two clients booked my services, out of nowhere, without advertising. I’m so grateful. It was amazing. In the second session, I started speaking the Arcturian Light Language during the session, I could feel so much energy coming through my mouth, like never before.


I just wanted to express my gratitude for our sessions. I love working with you, I really appreciate your spiritual knowledge and the precision with which you work. I have studied for many years with various teachers, but nobody has ever shown me how to work with energy.  with so much precision and detail. I also like how practical you are and how you bring balance of energy and strategy to the business. I really like your style. I have just finished the activation you sent me after the session and I feel incredible. I can see how I can utilise my social media channels more effectively and how to make my offer more visible. Thank you so much for your insight and advice. 


I can’t thank you enough. Before today I didn’t have that clarity. I did not have the ability to see how everything I’ve done in my corporate career will help me with my mission. I thought I had to shift into something completely different. But it’s about applying everything I’ve learnt over the last 20 years. That makes me super happy because I can see how it will work. I know I’m on the right track now. The clarity of my vision gets me pumped up.


You give me confidence again in who I am, Riya! I’d lost so much faith in myself and been so confused with everything, since my awakening and complete life shake up but it makes so much sense when you explained it in our sessions as my Dragon Starseeds traits. You saw all my strengths and my big heart and the light I am here to shine. Means so much to me that you understand me so well!

Activate Your Aligned Business

Activate Your Soul’s Mission!​

$ 333
  • 60-90 minute individual session​
  • De-programme your energy field from negative programmes​
  • Connect you with Your Soul’s Alignment​
  • Activate Your Divine Mission & Purpose​

Package of 3 Sessions:​

$ 888
  • SESSION 1: Activate Your Soul’s Mission!​
  • SESSION 2: Connect to Your Galactic Support Team!​
  • SESSION 3: Amplify Your Impact!​
  • Bonus: Arcturian Codes of Creativity Channelled Transmission - instant access!​

Activate Your Aligned Business

Ignition Intensive

  • 8 week individual process
  • SESSION 1: Activate Your Soul’s Mission!​
  • SESSION 2: Amplify Your Impact!
  • SESSION 3: Open Up to Abundance!
  • Private Voice Message Suspport for 8 weeks
  • 5D Business Training & Activation
  • Paid in Full Bonus: Alive, Aligned & Abundant Codes Megapackage


Hello Beautiful Soul!

My name is Riya Loveguard but you can call me “Riya”.

I am an energy worker, a Starseed & Light Language Activator and a Quantum Business Strategist.

My mission is to activate Starseeds, Lightworkers, Healers, Creatives and Conscious Entrepreneurs and lead them onto the bridge of their divine mission.

I am a keeper and a channel of powerful Galactic, Lemurian and Atlantean frequencies in the form of Sound Technology, or so-called Light Language. As soon as you come into my orbit, you will start experiencing these invisible but potent upgrades that will help you discover your Soul’s true purpose, connect to your Galactic Support Team and effortlessly shift into full alignment with your mission.

I will be honoured to work with you so you can unlock your full divine expression and experience expansion as your Soul creates impact beyond your wildest dreams.

riya loveguard book individual session

Frequenty Asked Questions about 1-to-1 sessions:

When you click on “I’m ready for a 1 to 1 session”, it will take you to my diary.

You will be able to see my availability and check if any of the dates are convenient for you. Choose a date that suits you or alternatively reach out to if none of the dates work.

When you click on “I’m ready for a 1 to 1 session”, it will take you to my diary

After selecting the date that is convenient for you, you will be taken to payment gateway powered by Stripe. All major cards are accepted.

Payment by PayPal is also possible – reach out to if this is the option you prefer.


What we do during a session is always complete energetic work. So you will never have to go over the same issue again.

However, my own experience with clients shows that we can have a multitude of different karmic and ancestral programmes running in the background. Our field opens in layers – so once we clear one, the next level becomes available. Every time we clear a programme it is final and done – and we liberate more and more energy.

One session might be all you need to resolve a persistent block to income, negative pattern repeating in relationships or business. But you may decided to have another session, perhaps around a different aspect of your life or a different situation.

Always ask yourself: is energy flowing fully in my life or is it sticking in some area (income, relationships, health, career, sense of purpose). If you see room for improvement, then I am here to help you.

I don’t offer payment plans as every session is a complete energetic process. When you make the payment, you already set the clearance intention in motion and open up your field and when we finish the session, you close the field. Spreading payments over a period of time would interfere with the energetics.

I value my time, expertise and skills and give my best for every client. Often the work is so intense that I end up drenched in sweat. The energy is palpable. I have been able to shift and resolve issues within my 60-90 minutes that people struggled with for decades and often spend a small fortune on multiple sessions with different healers.