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Ready to accelerate your Ascension Journey?


Light Language is a potent modality that you can use for inner healing, connecting with higher realms and for personal transformation.

Light Language is a potent spiritual tool that has long been misunderstood and underused due to lack of insight. This is why many people who can channel a mystical language don’t know where it comes from, what it means and how to use it.

That was me for well over a decade. When I first activated Arcturian 15 years ago, I had no clue what I channelled, where it originated or how powerful it was!

Now, I have the ability to speak close to 20 different light languages (and this number is growing). But most importantly, I can distinguish between them, understand them and activate the same ability in other people.

Here is what during when I activate Light Languages in others ⤵️⤵️⤵️ – put sound on!

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I have created the Light Language Course so you can activate one or more Light Languages and use them consciously and intentionally as a potent tool for transformation, connection and healing.

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The Light Language Course will take you through simple yet effective steps you need to follow in order to activate one or more of your Light Languages and use them with confidence and efficiency in your personal practice and when working with clients.

Over the course of content-rich intruction sessions and powerful activations, we will break down the fundamental concepts of channeling, transmitting and receiving Light Technology in the form of Light Languages. As your own Light Languages unfold, you will personally experience powerful shifts and energetic upgrades from Beings of Light such as the Arcturians, the Sirians, the Pleiadians, the Andromedans and the Lyrans.

Light Language is a spiritual tool that uses powerful sound technology

The Advanced Light Language Course is a growing body of work with multiple rich layers to it. Originally, it had just 8 sessions but as my own understanding of this modality grew and as my abilities expanded, I kept adding to it by holding new live sessions – and I keep doing it! This means that by signing up to this Course you will get future access to any additional sessions and updates!

The newest 2022 and 2023 updates to the Light Language Course are entitled “The Light Language Practitioners Course” and will be so in depth and extensive that it could be released as a stand-alone Course. However, I believe in building on top of already strong foundations because I have deep reverence to the body of work I have created together with a beautiful group of souls that have joined me at various stages of this journey. I also know the potency of the energy retained in the original recordings – and this is why I want you to have access to all of it – the 16 original modules, 4 new 2022 sessions and 5 x 2023 sessions!

The Light Language Advanced Course has 5 key aspects:


activate your own ability to channel one or more light languages


become aware of the energies that you channel and learn to translate Light Language transmissions


learn to use Light Language with intention and laser-sharp precision


practice your energetic transmissions in a safe supportive environment and receive feedback


Unblock your expression blocks and increase your message resonance - beyond Light Language

  1. Light Languages Activation – Activate your Galactic Languages
  2. Light Languages Activation: Activate Languages of Lemuria and Atlantis
  3. The Starseed Activation: Activate Your Starseed Mission & Claim Your Divine Gifts
  4. The Moving Activation – Release Limitations from Your Body and Activate Your Light Language 
  1. Fundamental concepts of channelling, transmitting and receiving Light Technology in the form of Light Languages
  2. Coaching + Q&A Session 1: Receive answers to important questions
  3. Coaching & Q & A Session 2:  Receive answers to important questions
  1. How to utilise unique energy frequencies of various Light Languages as a tool for healing and transformation
  2. How to code and decode Light Language transmissions to shift energetic blocks and limitations: practical demonstrations and coded transmissions
  1. Decoding Practice Session 1: Learn to decipher the meaning of various Light Languages
  2. Decoding Practice Session 2: Practice decoding the meaning of various Light Language and receive Abundance Activation
  3. Coding & Decoding Practice Session
  4. Practice session: Coding Practice session: Learn how to code your Light language transmission with specific frequencies
  5. Decoding Practice Session + Abundance Activation
  1. Codes of Divine Expression – Channelled Activation
  2. Q & A Session + Codes of Business Resonance Transmission
  3. Soul Language Activation – Reconnecting with your Soul and discover how to channel your Soul’s Unique Language

By the end of the Light Languages Course you will:

Wondering if it's possible for your own Light Language to activate?

Here's the audio samples I've received from students who activated Light Languages in the last couple of months.

RIYA Loveguard

Hi, I’m Riya and I will be your Guide on this journey!

I’m a Starseed & Light Language Activator.

I have been able to speak Light Languages for the last 15 years. I can also tell their origins apart as well as activate this ability in other people.

I channel multiple Light Languages of Galactic Light Beings such as the Andromedans, the Arcturians, the Lyrans, the Sirians and the Pleiadian. I also know forgotten Languages of Earth’s oldest civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis.

Over the course of many classes and activations I have helped countless people activate and identify the origins of their Light Language. I would love to do the same for you.


During the course of 25 powerful sessions
you will receive:

Regular price: $888

Your price: $555

light language riya

Choose the best option for you:


  • The Light Language Course
  • Riya's Personal Feedback on Your Light Language Origins
  • Access to Private Group
  • Lifetime Access to All Recordings


  • The Light Language Course
  • Riya's Personal Feedback on Your Light Language Origins
  • Access to Private Group
  • Lifetime Access to All Recordings
  • 6 months membership in the Quantum Club


  • 3 Individual Sessions with Riya
  • Riya's private Voxer support
  • The Light Language Course
  • Riya's Personal Feedback on Your Light Language Origins
  • Access to Private Group
  • Lifetime Access to All Recordings
  • 6 months membership in the Quantum Club


With the help of my Guides I have activated this ability in hundreds of people but occasionally I do come across individuals who struggle with letting their Light Language flow.  One thing that usually blocks any spiritual gifts is the feeling of unworthiness. Remember you don’t need to “deserve” or “earn” Light Language. It’s not a badge in Girl or Boy Scouts. You have it in you already. It’s simple and easy. We only need to coax it out. Another thing that can delay it is blocks around expression – and this is why I have included a special Divine Expression Coded Activation within the course.

You get lifetime access to all of the course materials, so you can revisit any of the session at leisure.

Live Session 1: The Foundations: Discover Unique Energy Signatures of Light Languages

This session will give you strong understanding of the Light Language modality and its various uses depending on the frequency.

7 July,, 3 pm, Mountain Time

Live Session 2: The Light Language Activation

This session will activate your own light language or languages of both Terrestrial and Galactic origins.

21 July, 3 pm Mountain Time

Live Session 3: Q & A and Coaching Session

You will get the chance to ask all of the questions relating to Light Language and your personal experience with it and get immediate personal answer from Riya.

4 August, 3 pm Mountain Time

Live Session 4: Upgrades to Understanding + Live Practice

You will receive a powerful upgrade to understanding Light Language and get a chance to practice both understanding and transmitting various Languages of Light

18 August, 3 pm Mountain Time

The rest of the 20 Course sessions and activations are pre-recorded and available for you to watch whenever you are ready. Energy is retained in the recordings. Many people activated their light languages off the back of the recordings – in the Quantum, time really does not matter.


Up until now I did not offer payment plans as energetically it didn’t feel right to do so with a relatively short programme. The Course is a complete programme and a complete energetic exchange and therefore it is important that when you are setting on this journey you are ready for the time, energy and money investment required. I am a firm believer that if you are called to attend, then the funds will become available to you at the right time. This has been confirmed by experience of multiple students to date that literally manifested the funds when they set the intention that they are committed to this journey. However, if you are ready and committed to this journey and the only thing stopping you is finances, I have provided an option to split your course fee into instalments (see the price table above).

“The Starseed Journey” and “The Superstarseed” Package includes 6 months membership in The Quantum Club. 

The Quantum Club is Riya Loveguard’s and Aeron Lazar’s flagship programme, designed for you to consistently develop your spiritual abilities such as connecting to your Galactic Soul Family as Guides, speaking Light Languages, channeling energy, transmitting and receiving Light Technology.

Every week Aeron and Riya will work with you energetically on a deep level to unlock your divine intuitive gifts and connect deeper than ever before with your Higher Self and Galactic Light Beings such as the Andromedans, the Arcturians, the Lyrans, the Pleiadians and the Sirians.

You will also receive access to a vault of 40+ archive powerful channelled sessions with various Galactic Races. 

You can find out more about the Quantum Club here.

Don’t worry! Everything will be recorded and all the activations will be retained in the recordings. Many people activated their light languages off the back of the recordings – with Quantum Technologies, time does not run in a linear way. And if you need support or some questions answered- you will be able to ask any questions in the private group and get my personal feedback!

Join the Light Language Course!