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Have you ever felt that there’s wealth beyond measure, just waiting to be accessed? That there’s a greater universal rhythm that, when tuned into, can bring about boundless prosperity?

The universe operates on frequencies, and so does abundance. To effortlessly tap into this boundless resource, you simply need to align with the right energies and understand the cosmic blueprints made available to us by the Galactic Star Nations.

Dive deep into the harmonics of the cosmos with the wisdom of Galactic Light Beings, tap into spiritual insights but also grasp practical strategies, ensuring a balanced ascent towards the 5D Abundance Timeline.

In this free transmission you will:


Your Soul’s life – beyond the current incarnation on Earth – carries a unique story. Right now, you’re at a chapter where you’re ready to tap into greater wealth and happiness. However, there might be a few barriers in your way, like outdated beliefs or misaligned energies.

Connecting to the knowledge from advanced civilizations like the Arcturians, the Lyrans or the Sirians, you start the process of remembering what it feels like to function on the wavelength of complete abundance, not marred by the Earth’s tumultuous history, trauma and pain.

With the Galactic Codes Activation, you will be able to tap into the pure frequencies of higher dimensional abundance and start the process of integrating them into your day to day life right here on Earth.

You will step into a more prosperous chapter of your journey and act as a beacon for others who are still looking to navigate their way out of poverty, lack and constraint.


The universe is always changing, and with it comes powerful moments where everything lines up just right. Right now,  Earth is in one of those special alignments, where cosmic energies are super-charged. We are on the cusp of the transition to a New Earth consciousness, and a huge part of it is upgrading our abundance and receiving templates.

We are not alone in this transmission: a host of Galactic Star Nations support us by beaming their higher dimensional frequencies, upgrades and codes to help us navigate this ascension pathway.

This live transmission is your chance to efforlessly tap into these cosmic frequencies and grab the benefits that this particular moment in time offers. Don’t miss out on this unique cosmic opportunity!

Meet Riya Loveguard:

Unlocking Cosmic Abundance

As a Spiritual Activator and 5D Business Strategist, Riya Loveguard bridges the gap between the vast universe and everyday life. Deeply connected to the Galactic Star Nations, including the Arcturians, Lyrans, and Sirians, she channels powerful insights to help individuals tap into unparalleled abundance.

More than just spiritual insights, Riya offers practical steps to align with this abundance. With her guidance, you can connect with the best version of yourself – a version that’s unbounded and brimming with potential.

In this special transmission, Riya is set to share both spiritual insights and tangible strategies. Discover the art of aligning with universal wealth, and open the doors to a life rich with purpose and prosperity.