The Energetics of Business: a New Paradigm Free Training & Activation

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In this transmission you will:

If you are a Spiritual Practitioner, a Lightworker or a conscious Coach, you may often feel like you don't fit in the 3D business grid...


Sure, you still want to be prosperous and adequately compensated for your brilliance and you don’t want to fall into a trap of “donation only”.

But you are ready to do it YOUR WAY!

In total alignment with your Higher Self and your unique mission, as an embodiment of an abundant, sovereign, multidimensional being.

If you are sick and tired of following “tried and tested” systems, rule-books and models that were meant to take you into 6-figures and beyond, but instead left you with a credit card bill as you’re paying off the premium container someone placed you in…

… then let’s tear up the marketing gurus’ rule-books to make space for you to discover your own personalised, soul-aligned 5D business model!

There is a growing gap between the emerging 5D consciousness and the day to day business in 3D.

One extreme of this spectrum is focusing all your energy on your spiritual development and exploring higher dimensions. The other is doing your business in a way that requires you to open a 3D drawer, and then quickly slam it shut as it just doesn’t feel right.

You see, duality reality is a 3D imprint and a tendency programmed into each one of us by the very nature of human experience.

My mission as both a Spiritual Practitioner and an Entrepreneur is bridging this gap. It is INTEGRATION. It’s making use of all the Quantum technology available so you can effortlessly leap into your desired reality in this human experience.

I bridge this gap by merging Galactic consciousness technology I have received from Beings of Light from higher realms and my solid, decade-long experience in the world of business.
And in this free training I am going to show how to use advanced energetic tools to work in your business using lenses from a completely new paradigm.


Ready to start a new venture

Looking to launch a new offer or product

Seeking to expand your business

Ready for more impact, reach and revenue

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Riya Loveguard is a Quantum Business Strategist who bridges the gap between the world of business and spirituality by explaining the energetics of business in a practical way so you can consciously create an impactful brand in the physical reality.

Known as The Galactic Linguist, Riya channels powerful sound frequencies in forms of Light Languages, capable of transforming very aspect of your existence.

Riya’s passion is to show business-minded individuals and spiritual practitioners alike that the path of ascension does not have to clash with business mastery and financial abundance.

In this masterclass, Riya explains how integrating energetic laws into your business is the key to unlocking a life of impact and fulfillment.

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