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Connect to Your Higher Self: Channelled Activation

Hello, I’ve been waiting for you.
It’s me, your Higher Self!

The idea of finding someone who knows every fiber of your being – your thoughts, your hopes, your dreams, your traumas, your burdens – and still loves you for who you are, seems like a far-fetched dream. 

In this 3D reality, we have seen the limitations and depths of human emotions enough to believe that there are some oceans even our most devoted lovers will not cross for us.

Sometimes, we ourselves, put all these abstract limitations on how we should love or could be loved. Our family background, social status, education, career, personality, lifestyle – all seem to be holding us back from fully diving into loving ourselves, cherishing our lives, and following our divine purpose.

And yet, just behind these clouds of mundanities, beyond all these energetic handcuffs, is someone who has loved you, and will continue to love you throughout this life and the next. It is your Higher Self.

Who is your Higher Self?

Why do you need to meet your Higher Self?

It’s easy to look at the Physical Self and the Higher Self as two, separate, and distinct entities that are as opposing as the sides of a coin.

The Physical Side is the side that is so immersed, so tied to our Earthly primal instincts and lower consciousness – the body and the mind. Meanwhile, our Higher Self is of the metaphysical that transcends human instincts – the higher consciousness that takes no form.

When we lose touch with our Higher Self, the Physical Self struggles in navigating the 3D plane. This often manifests in experiencing anxiety, depression, loss of confidence, existential dread, isolation, deteriorating physical health, and a general disinterest in one’s external environment.

Being so attached to the physical realm with no connection at all to the higher consciousness is how we forget what we came here to do.

Getting to know your Higher Self brings a sense of equilibrium in your existence. Being connected to one’s Higher Self plugs you into the channels of the universe and gives you a sense of being a part of a whole, not just a floating group of atoms bumping listlessly into other groups of atoms.

In my unfolding journey to ascension, I have found that nurturing a healthy relationship with my Higher Self has allowed me to be more giving, more loving, and more forgiving.

I have discovered that I have not always been the protagonist of all my incarnations. I have witnessed myself become the villain in past lifetimes – committing unspeakable atrocities and incurring karmic debts. But with the help of my Higher Self, I have come to terms with all of these and helped me tread this planet with knowing eyes.

This sense of peace, acceptance, and purposeful existence is what I want to share with you.

With the help of my gifts in speaking and understanding 15 Light Languages, I am willing to re-introduce you to your Higher Self in one soul activation session.


What to expect of this Higher Self Activation

Guided by me, and invoking the powers of Galactic Light Beings, this Higher Self Activation will allow you to work on two essential aspects:

In this Higher Self Activation, I will:

By the end of the session, you will:

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Riya Loveguard Higher Self Activation

RIYA Loveguard

Meet Riya: your Guide on this journey to your Higher Self!

Riya is a Light Language Channel and a Spiritual Activator with the unique ability to shift blockages that are preventing her clients from receiving messages from the universe and their Higher Selves.

Quieting the conscious mind, and calling forward the subconscious programmes, Riya re-wires these energetic blockages so that you become more receptive to the divine guidance of Light Beings and their Higher Self.

Through her close connection with Galactic Beings of Light, Riya can lead you to build an intimate relationship with your Higher Self – the version of yourself that is unmarred by human experience and mundanities, watching over us with pure unadulterated love, wisdom and compassion directly from Source.