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Riya Loveguard Light worker

Consciousness of Planet Earth is rapidly evolving. As such, new Quantum tools and technologies are becoming available to us for the purpose of healing and transformation. 

Yet, the vast majority of beautiful souls devoted to their journey of personal and spiritual development, are still stuck in repeating the same negative patterns and not experiencing full abundance in every area of their lives.

This is because they are focused on just “manifesting” and “mindset work” and missing out on incredibly effective energetic tools that can take them on a full journey of transformation and liberation, rather than just papering over the cracks.

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For most of my adult life I struggled with finances.

Even though I had a great start in life with supportive parents, good education and two Master’s degrees. The struggle continued even as I ran a business with assets worth nearly 5 million dollars and taught others about investment!

I thought that if I just work on my mindset a bit, build passive income or follow advice of experienced mentors, I will finally feel financially free and happy.

But that didn’t happen.

When eventually my business bubble burst and my net worth plummeted way south, was when I actually broke free. Going through the “shame” of insolvency, having investors and business partners suing me for money I didn’t have, having to scrape things together to pay the last wage to the employees… that literally was the lowest of the lowest. But just like J.K. Rowling said, “‘Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”

I started finally working beyond just "mindset" or "strategy".

In this channelled transmission replay, I will show you the exact tools that I discovered as a mis-aligned entrepreneur trying to piece my life together after a major business failure. It is the exact process that shaped me into a liberated New Earth leader, living in full alignment with my Soul mission and helping others do the same. 

You will learn how to progress through the depths of your pain, trauma and karma to find radical self-love and let the higher perspective transform every aspect of your existence.

riya loveguard quantum transformation

RIYA Loveguard

Riya Marta Loveguard is a a spiritual activator, energy worker and a 5D business strategist and coach.

Riya is renowned as the “Galactic Linguist,” since she has the rare ability to channel multiple Galactic Light Languages (and counting) and activate the same skill in her students. Riya also speaks languages of  forgotten human cultures like Lemuria and Atlantis or the Mayan Empire.

Riya’s ability to channel Light Languages gives her access to the powerful codes of  highly evolved Galactic Civlisations such as the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Sirians and the Lyrans.

Riya employs these energy frequencies, as well as other Quantum tools and modalities, to assist New Earth leaders in developing profitable, long-term, and meaningful business solutions and financial affluence that reconciles entrepreneurship with spirituality.

Riya also uses her extensive expertise operating both online and offline businesses to assist entrepreneurs and spiritual practitioners alike in developing strategies that allow them to live the life of their dreams by embracing their divinely-given abilities.

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