The Radiance Scholarship

The Radiance Scholarship is designed for brilliant, courageous Souls ready to step up and bring their gifts boldly to the world through a soul-aligned business.

The questions in the application form are designed for me to connect to the very essence of what you want to express. 

The scholarship is not means-tested, although it is mostly aimed at students who would not be able to otherwise participate in the programme due to financial constraints. Once you are awarded it, you will be invited to join and pay what serves you, an affordable monthly contribution that you get to decide yourself, rather than the full price of the Radiance programme.

I will choose who to award it to, not just based on your financial situation but the holistic overview of your business, your energetic signature and qualities that make you a great fit for the programme.

I will make a decision with both my heart and my head rather than just head. That’s why I ask you to be intentional and true to your heart when filling this form. 

It’s not about perfect answers. I’m simply looking to understand your Soul and your true desires and find out exactly what you need to step into your highest expression. 

I promise that all you share will be held confidential and sacred.

With love,

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