An Exclusive Free Immersive Experience!

Do you feel the potent energy of the cosmos calling you towards a grander purpose? Are you prepared to actively participate in creating a beautiful timeline for not just yourself, but for all humanity?

By harnessing the powerful energy of the Lion’s Gate Portal, you align yourself with cosmic frequencies, opening yourself up to unity, love, and infinite manifestation possibilities.

What You will experience

Guidance from Six Cosmic Races: Embark on a guided journey with the Pleiadians, Blue Avians, Lyran Avians, Lion Felines, Syrians, and Lemurians.

Each will share their unique frequencies and insights to supercharge your manifestation process.


Powerful Anchoring into the Earth's Energy:

You will partake in grounding yourself, drawing on the potent energy from Earth, preparing for the Lionsgate portal primed for manifesting.

Personal & Collective Manifestation:

Amplify your intentions and supercharge them with energy from the six cosmic races. Focus on personal dreams while collectively manifesting a beautiful timeline of freedom, unity, peace, love, and abundance for all of humanity.

Energetic Cleansing & Activation:

Engage in a cleansing process using Pleiadian energies, activate your heart space with Syrian frequencies, embrace the sensation of freedom with Lyran Avians, and anchor abundance codes from the Lion Felines.

Co-creation with Gaia:

Experience the Lemurians' frequencies of co-creation and harmony with Earth. Visualize a harmonious existence with Gaia and all her beings.

Visualize a New Reality:

Bathe in powerful energies, floating above Earth, and manifest a new reality – a world without borders, division, conflict; a world of love, peace, and abundance for all.

Who Can Join?

Your active participation and energy are crucial for this process. No matter where you are in the world, you’re warmly welcomed as you can do the transmission at your leisure.

Are You Ready to Join?

Harness the potent energy of the upcoming Lionsgate portal. The “Lion’s Gate Manifestation Transmission” awaits you. Your dreams are ready. Are you?

Experience The Power of Six Galactic Energies

As part of this unique immersion, you will receive and engage with energy frequencies from six distinct Galactic races. Each of these entities will support you in unlocking new aspects of your manifestation potential:

Experience each of these unique energies, understanding their individual qualities, and harnessing their power to enhance your manifestation journey.

A New Earth Awaits…

This is more than a session; it’s a cosmic co-creation. Your symphony with the universe begins here. Embrace this creation, and feel it in every cell of your being. Surrender it to the universal law, and trust that it is done.

Find a quiet space, get comfortable, close your eyes, relax, and open yourself to receive.

Find a quiet space, get comfortable, close your eyes, relax, and open yourself to receive.

I, along with my guides, will do the rest. During the transmission, I channel potent Galactic codes that deeply rewire your personal energy field and every dimension of your being for immediate profound results.

What you may experience during the energy transmission:


Riya Loveguard, often referred to as the “Galactic Linguist,” is a Quantum Business Strategist, Spiritual Activator, and Light Language Extraordinaire. With the unique gift of channeling at least 15 Light Languages, she uses this ability to access powerful codes from advanced Galactic Beings and harness their energetic frequencies.

Riya assists New Earth leaders, including Starseeds, Lightworkers, Healers, Creatives, and Conscious Entrepreneurs, in developing successful, impactful businesses that marry entrepreneurship and spirituality. She guides these individuals in using their divinely-given powers to live a life of their dreams while walking the path of ascension.

A conscious business coach with extensive experience in online and offline businesses, Riya bridges the gap between entrepreneurship and spirituality. Using her gifts, she works directly in the energy fields of businesses and their owners, empowering them to create a life of impact, income, and influence.

Known for her ability to recognize, understand, and translate Light Languages, Riya activates the same abilities in her clients, enabling them to tap into their soul’s purpose and thrive. Her work showcases the harmony between the path of ascension and business mastery, where spiritual growth and financial abundance don’t have to be at odds.

In this profound Lion’s Gate transmission, she channels powerful Galactic sound frequencies to guide you on your journey towards unity, love, and infinite manifestation possibilities. Open your heart, and prepare to connect with the Galactic energies that will illuminate your path towards the new Earth reality.

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