Atlantis Light Language Activation

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This Atlantis Light Language Activation is programmed to help you release all energetic blockages in your Field that’s keeping you from shining your truest light over the world! Think you’ve lived a past life in Atlantis? This Atlantis Code transmission just might activate the Atlantean in you!

About This Atlantis Light Language Activation

Atlantis Light Language is a beautiful and powerful Light Language of the ancient world that’s proven time and again to be an effective modality for releasing disempowering energies, and help one step into who they’re meant to be.

You’ve read about the continent of Atlantis in mythology books, an ancient civilization that’s mostly known for becoming extinct because of the continent sinking somewhere in the mid-Atlantic.

But Atlantis was more than a place that disappeared from the face of the Earth. Before its great tragedy, Atlantis was known for its advancements in architecture, agriculture, metallurgy, crystal works and connecting the planet through a network of consciousness . The utopian Relam of Atlantis had a great naval fleet that protected its citizens. Needless to say, it was a civilization that made a lasting and powerful impact in the world.

Their potent energies is what we’re harnessing in this Atlantis Code transmission. The necessity to do this Light Language transmission was brought to my consciousness while I was sat in my bedroom and I was chatting with Arcturian Light Beings, who were incidentally, mentors of the Atlantean people many eons ago.

While talking to my Arcturian friends, as I was speaking the Arcturian Light Language, it seamlessly switched into Atlantean Language, and an important message was sent to me, to be forwarded to you today.

So, in this Light Language Activation, I am bringing a message of empowerment, of confidence, of shedding the hierarchies of the old world, and of integrating the Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine.

Atlantis Healing – How Does It Work?

Atlantis Light Technology is so unique, but at the same time, so familiar to many. As a civilization of the Earth, many of us have had lifetimes as Atlanteans. I, for one, have lived a life in Atlantis as a fierce warrior, who has died from quite a violent death. “Those who live by the sword, die by the sword,” right?

Somehow, if you’ve lived in Atlantis either before the continent sank (like I did) or maybe even experienced the traumatic fall of this great city in a past life, your Energetic Field might feel a tinge of uncomfortable familiarity when you hear the language. Don’t worry though! This is a sign that you’re being purged of the old traumatic traces of your past Atlantean life. Along with this purging is a kind of renewal or rebirth, that will encourage you to step into your power and release any sense of unworthiness in this lifetime.

This healing Atlantean Light Language transmission will help you access deep-seated blockages of worthlessness and disempowerment. It will open your eyes to the old, hierarchical ways that contributed to Atlantis’ fall that are still existing in our very society today, so that you can learn to take it down and reinvent – whether that’s in your personal life, relationships, working environment, community, or just your relationship with yourself.

Atlantis Code Activation – Transmission

During this Atlantis Code transmission, I will ask you to get comfortable as I speak this potent Light Language. You will ask you to take a couple of deep breaths and focus your attention inside your body, feeling your breath build up from your diaphragm and release it out into the world, washing your senses off the densities of the outside world.

I will then ask you to feel your heart, and feel every breath sweep away all feelings of worthlessness and unworthiness, so that you may see the truth of who you are – a confident, powerful, strong, and sovereign human being in the fullness of your grace.

As you let these energies soak into your field, you may also feel a sort of itching on your throat, as it is being cleared of any blockage that is keeping you from expressing your truest self, and being unapologetically you.

As I start to transmit the Light Language of Atlantis, you will feel with every breath, your solar plexus opening, and taking these beautiful energies all the way down to your belly, releasing any pent-up and stagnant energy.

As you come out of this transmission, you will feel anchored in your body in a way that’s freeing, as you realize that you are the master of your life and a Divine expression of the universe.

Go ahead and experience this amazing Atlantis Light Language Transmission! It’s just one of the 13 Light Language Activations that I did doing as a lead-up to the new edition of the Light Language Course, which aims to activate all Starseeds and Earthseeds, to guide them to the fulfillment of their individual soul missions and soul expression.

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Riya Loveguard

I activate & equip Starseeds, Lightworkers, Conscious Entrepreneurs & Healers on their divine mission

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