Lyran Light Language Activation

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In this beautiful Lyran Light Language Transmission, we are calling on the golden energies of the Lyran Avians and the Lyran Felines – both races coming from the same star system with energy signatures so empowering and liberating, you’re gonna feel it in your bones!

You might be asking: “What’s a Lyran?” 

Well, there are two types of Lyran: The Lyran Avians and the Lyran Felines. They are Galactic Light Beings that come from two different planets in the same constellation, who embody different frequencies that they often share with us, humans, to help us elevate from three-dimensional to five-dimensional consciousness.

Lyran Light Language Transmission

Lyran Light Language is one of my favorites to channel because it can be almost intoxicating, causing those inhibitive energies in your field to be swept away. Lyran Avians in particular, are all about freedom – there’s a reason why they look like our conventional images of angels! Almost human-like but with majestic wings!

Lyran Avians have a free-spirited energy that empowers you to fly over all the 3D gridworks and codexes that are holding you back from achieving your true potential and from living your soul purpose. The universe is our ultimate source of abundance, and you have unlimited access to this abundance so that you can live in your most sovereign state.

On the other hand, channeling Lyran Felines is a completely different experience as they bring that feeling of sensuality, luxury, and beauty. 

Lyran Felines can help you flush away negative notions around money, wealth, and finances. They are all about being comfortable in being abundant and having a taste of the finer things in the material world.

Lyran Mission – How They Can Help You?

Both the Lyran Feline and Lyran Avian Race regularly witness the dense energies that we humans have to go through every day – from societal norms, cultures, religion, politics, government, education systems and more. All these gridworks of society in which we have to operate can make consciousness expansion even more difficult for us to focus on.

The Lyrans often bring lighter energies to humans’ Energetic Fields to help us navigate all these densities. They teach us to enjoy the journey and all our experiences on this planet because the Earth is such a beautiful place where our soul can evolve. 

Lyran Felines help us welcome wealth and abundance without unhealthy attachment. Instead, they teach us to amass wealth and abundance without judgment nor greed.

As humans, we often have either an unhealthy, “praise and worship” obsession with money, which can lead us astray from what our soul came here to do. On the other hand, some of us have a crippling fear of having too much money that we often demonize or criticize anyone who is wealthy, regardless of how they gained such wealth.

Lyran Felines help us come to terms with the fact that we deserve abundance, but that manifestations of such abundance such as money and wealth, should be used to fulfill our soul mission or purpose.

Meanwhile, Lyran Avians can help us eliminate the need to control the outcome of our endeavors. Most Galactic Beings see humans as “control freaks,” to be honest. We always want things to go our way or to know the next step, that we often forget that the mystery of our existence on this planet is the reason why our soul chose it in the first place.

I read this phrase somewhere that says, “respect the mystery,” and that’s exactly what Lyran Avians want us to do.

Lyran Avians can help us to just flow with the Earth. To just be. Just like the majestic bird-like energies they bring, Lyran Avians want us to ride the wind like they do and just see where it takes us.

Lyran Light Code Activation – Step By Step

In this Lyran Light Code Activation, the Lyrans help us shift from a state of Earthly restriction into a state of joy, grace, freedom, play, and openness to receiving.

Here is a run-down of what goes on in this Lyran Light Language Transmission:

Step 1: Getting into a meditative state

This is a very important step, as getting into a meditative state helps our Energetic Field expand and open up to the energies of Galactic Beings. In this transmission, I will ask you to take deep breaths, focusing on any tightness or tension anywhere on your body, so that as the frequency of Lyrans enter your field, these blockages will be melted away.

Step 2: Centering

As you continue breathing deep breaths, I ask you to focus on your heart, firing it up and activating it using your breath. Imagining light spreading around your heart space and opening it up with every inhale and exhale.

Step 3: Allowing The Energies In

As your physical body and your mind surrender to the flow of the universe, a big wave of golden energy will enter your heart and fill your entire Energetic Field with warmth, melting any coldness or tension that has crystallized in it.

Step 4: Sealing The Lyran Energies

As the transmission comes to a close, we seal it with heightened positive emotions, such as gratitude, and let the Lyran frequencies sink into our Energetic Field to take effect in the next couple of hours and days.

Lyran Light Language is such a beautiful, refreshing and powerful energy that you need to experience entirely!

If you’re you feel a sense of familiar energy and nostalgia whilst listening to this  Lyran Light Code Activation, then maybe you’re a Lyran Starseed whose remembrance might be activated after this transmission!

This particular transmission is a part of my 13-day, 13 Light Languages  series which I was doing to kick-start the next edition of my Light Language Program this year! 

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Riya Loveguard

I activate & equip Starseeds, Lightworkers, Conscious Entrepreneurs & Healers on their divine mission

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