Pleiadian Portal: Light into the Shadows Pleiadian Light Language Activation

Riya Loveguard

In this beautiful Light Language Activation Journey, I’m so excited to share with you the unique energies of the Pleiadian Galactic Light Beings

Today, we are channeling another powerful Light Language to add to your Energetic Field – the Language of the Pleiadians.

Who are Pleiadians?

Pleiadians are a very high vibrational race, with unparalleled ability to cast out the dark and transmute it in a way that makes it easier for us to swim through the murkiness of shadow work and low vibrational energies.

For today’s Pleiadian Light Language transmission, my friends have very specific pleiadian light codes and frequencies that they want to share with you, that I myself, have received when I was starting out in my spirituality journey.

Before coming into spirituality, I was living on autopilot – stumbling around through life as if I was a machine that other people have been controlling through their opinions and through my own 3D notions of success and abundance. Pleiadian energy literally transformed my life of anxiety and stress to one of ease, happiness, and true abundance. Pleiadian Light Language is literally the O.G. of “good vibes only” mentality! 

Here’s What You Need To Understand Before Delving Into this Pleiadian Activation.

A lot of people think that for one to experience monumental breakthroughs in their spiritual journey, they have to activate more in their field. More energetic codes, better outcome, right? Well, to be honest, that’s not always the case.

I have found that activating and uploading more codes can jumble up your Energetic Field if there are residual energies that are no longer serving you that you haven’t deactivated yet. Unfortunately, when this happens, activations don’t last very long unless you unload those densities that are cluttering your field.

Going inward, facing your shadows, acknowledging all the trauma and pain and finally thanking and letting them go is important so that old energies can be cleared out and new activation codes take root in the “soil” that is your Energetic Field.

This is exactly what these Pleiadian Light Codes are meant to help you with. 

What Should You Do During Pleiadian Light Codes Activation? 

Nothing and everything! During Pleiadian Light Language activation, all you need to do is to sit back and relax as you enter into a meditative state. However, everything will depend on the intention you set, and your openness to receiving the Light Codes of the Pleiadians.

I will ask you to imagine yourself being grounded on the Earth and picture your field open up, bringing you into the state of receiving.

As the Pleiadian Light Codes enter your field through your crown chakra, the energies therein will recalibrate, helping you let go of the darkness and shift to your highest timeline

You will see in your mind’s eye the pain-points in your life that you need to acknowledge and ultimately, let go. This Pleiadian Light Language Activation is specifically coded to be healing, allowing you to naturally ease off those old energies that are no longer serving your highest good.

The next few days after this transformative session is going to be crucial, you will need to observe any triggers or unexpected outbursts of emotions which may be a sign of stagnant energies and trauma leaving your field – once and for all.

If you haven’t seen the first video of the series, then you might want to watch to tune into it first and soak in the energies of the Sirian Light Language who have gracefully joined us, bringing with them the gift of unbridled discernment.

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Riya Loveguard

I activate & equip Starseeds, Lightworkers, Conscious Entrepreneurs & Healers on their divine mission

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Picture of Riya Loveguard

Riya Loveguard

I activate & equip Starseeds, Lightworkers, Conscious Entrepreneurs & Healers on their divine mission

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