Lemurian Light Language

Riya Loveguard

The Lemurians inhabited the Earth thousands and thousands of years ago. In many ways, we have similarities with them – and that’s why they understand our human struggles a lot more than, let’s say, Galactic Beings.

In this transmission, I channel the beautiful and gentle Lemurian Light Language, helping you anchor into one of the most powerful and purest energies of the Earth: the frequency of the Lemurian Civilizations.

Who Are The Lemurians?

The Lemurians are a peaceful, intellectually advanced and spiritually awakened race that lived on a mass of land before it sank somewhere between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, as the great Pangea broke apart into separate little pieces of land we now know today.

Legends say that some of Lemurians transformed into sea creatures like dolphins, octopuses, whales, sharks, and even Mer people. The remainder of people with Lemurian bloodlines retreated under Mount Shasta.

Today, even if we don’t see Lemurians with the naked eye, their energies are ever actively participating in the trajectory of the Human Race’s consciousness journey.

In this transmission, I called them into the fold and let their enlightened, peaceful, and heart-centered energies come through!

How Does Lemurian Light Language Work?

Lemurian Light Language has a lot to do with softening the masculine energy that often dominates our Energetic Fields as we move through life on Earth. With the way our society and its gridworks are wired, humans have been conditioned to be constantly “grinding” for our various, three-dimensional concepts of success and happiness.

The masculine energy is important for our existence, of course. We need the masculine to give us drive, to keep us moving, and to energize us. However, sometimes our Energetic Fields can tip a little out of balance, and we start to use it as an escape, rather than as a tool to pursue our Divine Soul Mission.

We become burnt out, materialistic, and so out of touch from our real essence and soul that the masculine energy in us becomes “toxic.”

This is where Lemurian Light Language becomes so useful. Lemurian frequencies contain the essence of the Divine Feminine. It’s the energy of care, love, beauty, nurturing, and balance. When you get so tired of chasing the ideal Earthly life of money, fame, and fortune, Lemurian frequency brings us back down and grounds us. It’s a beautiful, gentle, yet very potent frequency that soaks your field with the feeling of security, openness, and spaciousness.

What Happens in Lemurian Light Language Transmissions?

Whenever I channel Lemurian Light Language, it’s more to do with just being here, right now, on this planet. Because Lemurians come from Earth, we don’t really need to ground ourselves into the Earth.

Rather, just like in this transmission, a Lemurian Light Language Activation has to do with opening your heart chakra and letting it be filled with the energies of this beautiful race.

In this particular session, we start out by imagining our root chakra and feel the support of planet Earth, our beautiful home. With my guidance, I let you imagine this planet to be your very source of abundance; that you’re here not just to survive but to actually thrive.

That the Earth is a safe space for you to be open, to enjoy, to welcome all the wonderful experiences you’re meant to have in this lifetime. That this can be where your Higher Self can shine through this very experience. 

Then, I invite the Lemurians to join us. Transmitting their language through me, we code your Energetic Field with the feelings of joy, love, openness, spaciousness, and safety.

Once the energies of this powerful Light Language enters your field, you will feel so relaxed, worry-free, and present in your body. 

Lemurian Light Language is one of my favorite Light Languages because it really brings you back to your center, and helps you appreciate the body and planet that is home to you in this lifetime.

As these energies soak up your field, more and more manifestations of the Lemurian frequencies will show up in your life over the coming hours, days, weeks, and months.

Yes, Lemurian energy might be gentle, but the power that it holds is remarkable!

I want to ask you something though – do you feel like you’ve had an incarnation before where you lived as a Lemurian? Well, if you did, then my Light Language Course just might awaken the Lemurian Language in you.

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Picture of Riya Loveguard

Riya Loveguard

I activate & equip Starseeds, Lightworkers, Conscious Entrepreneurs & Healers on their divine mission

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