Andromedan Light Language

Riya Loveguard

Andromedan Light Language in this channelled transmissions is filled with healing and grounding energies for you, your plants, and your pets!

Love transcends all sorts of separation – whether that’s language, distance, or even species! In today’s Andromedan Light Language transmission, I am channeling healing and uplifting Andromedan codes that work wonders on your physical body, as well as the overall health of your beloved plants and animals.

In this session, we are bringing in the energies of the Andromedans, a race of Light Beings who are known for their regenerative powers and expansive co-creation with the planet abilities.

Who Are the Andromedans?

Andromedans are the ultimate eco-friendly members of the Galactic Federation. As one of the close observers of planet Earth, Andromedans encourage us to connect with Mother Earth, with Gaia, and realize within ourselves that to truly live up to our soul’s essence, we have to ground ourselves and tune in to the very planet that birthed us.

Andromedans are amazing healers, and have very advanced technologies and scientific innovations. However their technology is very interconnected with their natural environment. For example, they communicate with the network of trees of their planet using a combination of their elemental powers and computer-like systems. They also have an incredible ability to control weather on their lush, tropical planet!

 As a race that is all about unity consciousness, Andromedans find it very easy to communicate to all forms of life.

Help From Andromedans– How Does It Work?

Andromedans are all about grounding and connecting into your surroundings, as a first step to ascension. When we understand our surroundings, and our origins, we understand where we’re going.

Basking in Andromedan energy can help anchor you into your own Earth-bound body and actually feel like you’re home! There’s a reason why a lot of Andromedan Starseeds are amazing advocates and defenders of Mother Nature – you naturally thrive when you’re surrounded by the elements.

Andromedan Code Activation

In this free Andromedan Light Language activation, here’s what I will be doing:

First, I will ask you to fall into a state of ease, focusing on your breath. Then, slowly, we will bring attention to the bottom part of your body where you will consciously send every breath down into your legs. This will help us co-create with the planet Earth and harness the co-creative frequencies of the Andromedans. As you breathe, I will ask you to feel your connection to Mother Earth, and imagine roots growing from your feet and digging deeper and wider into the planet. This grounding will make you feel supported, so that you can redirect the light again to your heart space and radiate the energy of love out into the world. 

If you have a pet or plants, I also encourage you to bring them to this transmission and place your hands over them. Feel the connection between yourself and your beloved pet or plants, and you will feel the essence of Andromedan Energy. You are one with Earth, and every living thing on Earth is one with you!

What Happens After This Transmission?

After this transmission, the Andromedan frequencies that have permeated your Energetic Field will start rewiring you to achieve a higher consciousness perspective, which is especially helpful in connecting with and co-creating with plants, animals, and other Earthly creatures!

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Picture of Riya Loveguard

Riya Loveguard

I activate & equip Starseeds, Lightworkers, Conscious Entrepreneurs & Healers on their divine mission

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