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Today, I’m elated to share with you another deep journey into the mysterious and powerful realm of Light Language. This ancient yet ever-evolving cosmic language has an innate ability to touch our souls, bringing about profound changes in our energy fields. 

I’m sure you’ve landed here because, like many, you’ve encountered moments where you’ve felt drained, stressed, or surrounded by negativity. It may just be the accumulation of daily interactions, or something more complex such as spiritual attack.  Either way, you are in the right place to explore the potential of Light Language to remove negative energy and entities.

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What is Light Language?

For those unfamiliar, Light Language is an expression of energy in the form of sound. It’s not confined by the boundaries of human languages; instead, it resonates directly with our soul, our energy centres, and our DNA. Throughout history, many cultures have tapped into this form of expression, whether through sound, symbols, or gestures. Some say it’s the language of the Universe, a direct link to the Source, the higher realms, and extraterrestrial beings. For me, personally, it is a powerful tool to work directly inside the energy field of the recipients, where conventional methods cannot reach.

Why is Removing Negative Energy Essential?

Our world is a web of energies, both positive and negative. Sometimes, life throws challenges at us, and we get enveloped in the latter. It could manifest in the form of stress, emotional pain, or even more complex situations such as psychic attacks. Regardless of the origin, the accumulation of negative energies can hinder our spiritual growth and overall well-being. It’s like trying to drive with the brakes on – draining and counterproductive.

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Can’t You Just Focus on the Positive?

Before we delve deeper into the complexities of psychic attacks, let’s address a common misconception many have when it comes to spiritual energy and protection.

You might wonder, “Can’t I simply use my intention and manifestation abilities to escape negative energy? After all, don’t we shape our own realities?”

To put this into perspective, think about a baby crying relentlessly because it needs its diaper changed. Could you just focus on creating a reality where all babies are eternally happy and content? Or is it more pragmatic to simply change the diaper?

Most would agree that addressing the immediate need—changing the diaper—is the wiser approach. Once that’s done, your environment is far more conducive to positive manifestations, compared to being surrounded by a wailing baby and unpleasant smell.

The same goes for negative energy and spiritual attacks. If the energy or entity has already penetrated your field, you need to focus on removing it first.

light language healing negative energies

Defending Psychic Attacks

This topic of psychic attacks, admittedly, is intricate and possesses many facets. Discussing spiritual attacks isn’t everyone’s favorite subject, but it’s vital. Often, those not in tune with these energies mistakenly chalk up their misfortunes to mere bad luck, planetary retrogrades, or even wrongly fault themselves.

Moreover, it’s not uncommon for those who engage in spiritual malevolence to retaliate when their initial attempts are thwarted. This means you’ll have to re-evaluate, discern vulnerabilities, and reinforce your defenses. On a deeper level, one might need to explore past lives or other dimensions to understand any pre-existing permissions or karmic contracts that allow certain entities to penetrate your defenses.

The Light Language Transmission provides a simple protocol, however in case there you are on the receiving end of a complicated energetic onslaught, you may need to explore the subject in more detail

Luckily,I have prepared some further Spiritual Protection & Defence Resources:

– Basic Training on Spiritual Protection:

–  Free “Spiritual First Aid Kit” – Protocol for Energetic Clearing:

– Full Day Comprehensive Workshop on Advanced Spiritual Protection & Defence inside the Quantum Club:

Light Language for Negative Energies

Light Language to the Rescue

However, before you start digging deeper into the rabbit hole, do not hesitate to experience firsthand the transformative power of a Light Language protocol to remove negative energy. It may well be more than enough.

This video is a harmonious blend of cosmic frequencies from the akashic realm, Pleiadian high-frequency energies, and more. As you watch and listen, you might feel a tingling sensation, warmth, or even an emotional release. That’s okay. Allow yourself to be in the moment, to feel, and to heal.

Continuing the Journey

After the video, you may want to take a moment to reflect. How do you feel? Lighter, uplifted, or maybe just calm? This is the beginning, a stepping stone in understanding the potential of spiritual tools and protocols at our disposal.

The more we expose ourselves to these elevated frequencies, the easier it becomes to maintain an aura free from negativity. But remember, it’s a journey. One that is unique to each of us. It requires patience, understanding, and self-love.

I truly hope you find the video beneficial. If Light Language resonates with you, consider diving deeper, and exploring the Light Language Library or the Light Language Course. There’s a universe of knowledge, experiences, and frequencies awaiting your exploration.

And lastly, please do share your experiences in the comments below. Every journey, every story, every moment of enlightenment helps light up the path for someone else.

Wishing you love, light, and profound peace,

Riya Loveguard

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Riya Loveguard

I activate & equip Starseeds, Lightworkers, Conscious Entrepreneurs & Healers on their divine mission

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Picture of Riya Loveguard

Riya Loveguard

I activate & equip Starseeds, Lightworkers, Conscious Entrepreneurs & Healers on their divine mission

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