How To Get Out Of A Business Slump with Energetic Tools

Riya Loveguard

Sometimes being an entrepreneur can feel like you’re balancing two glasses of water on both hands, hoping nothing spills as you try to walk on a tightrope over a cliff. I know, it sounds a little bit too dramatic, but if you’re a businessman or woman, you’d get it.

Running a business can often feel like you’re taking risks everyday, hoping the risks will be worth it and you get the return on your investments and more. 

An inevitable part of running a business though is the occasional slump. Slump in sales, a string of refunds, lack of customers, flop in marketing. And this is often something we’d want to avoid or remedy right away whenever it crops up.

Whenever you hit these business slumps, your usual initial reaction could be, “What did I do wrong? What should I do to correct it?”

But sometimes, a business slump simply has nothing to do with you. Not your mindset, not your business strategies, nor the things your business mentor taught you.

Sometimes, slowdowns in business can be more deeply-rooted and non-physical so that even the most cutting-edge entrepreneurship seminar or a strategy session won’t fix it.

Why We Experience Business Slumps

Before coming into spirituality, I have always had this go-getter mindset. As someone who has always had the high marks in school, or someone who always had to chase down my own 3D concepts of success, status, and excellence. 

And then the same chasing success mentality got me into running a construction company, a hospitality business, a real estate investment business, an online education business for women entrepreneurs… Now you get that tight-rope metaphor!

Even though I was ultra-stressed from juggling and chasing these concepts of success, I felt like if I ever stopped, everything just might be gone in the blink of an eye. To me, every achievement was a reflection of myself, and I balanced my own self-worth upon those achievements.

Until the first wave of the pandemic in 2020 hit my businesses and everything came crumbling down before my eyes. I lost everything I worked hard for, friends turned against me, and I felt like a failure of an entrepreneur. And even my beloved online business that was still going well lost its appeal. 

And so, the onslaught of the pandemic forced me to re-evaluate my life, and that’s when I dived really deep into the energetic side of things, first figuring things out for myself and eventually, becoming a 5D business mentor.

In my journey to 5D soul-discovery, I found 3 main reasons why you might experience business slumps:

  1. Defining your self-worth by your monetary wealth
  2. Energetic Patterns, Past Life Karma or Ancestral Karma
  3. Being plugged into a collective consciousness that doesn’t serve you

By going inward and recognizing these things in your life, you will be able to trace the very root of your blockages in business.

Blockage 1: Self-Worth and Monetary Wealth 

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I was always an achiever in many aspects of my life, but especially my career. Whenever I achieved something, it boosted my self-confidence and self-worth. 

From a 3D point of view, you could say that this is a great attitude to run a business, however, on the flip side this has also taught my Energetic Field that without my achievements, my identity as a person is lost.

Because my field has learned to love myself for my results, I’ve never actually taken the time to love myself just the way I am, regardless of what was going on in my career or business.

Sometimes, we go through business slumps because our Higher Self wants to teach us something, and in my case, going through a rough patch was a test of my self-love. Through my massive business failures, I’ve overcome the ego-driven voice in my head saying, “I’m not good enough,” and I’ve forgiven myself and learned to love myself not for what I do, but for simply being.

Most of us define and value ourselves by our monetary wealth, and this is most likely rooted in some ancestral patterns, culture, or even the education we’ve received in traditional school.

Speaking of patterns, the next reason why your business is slowing down might have something to do with energetic patterns.

Reason 2: Energetic Patterns, Past Life Karma, and Ancestral Patterns

We all have an Energetic Field, an egg-shaped field that is invisible to our naked eye, but emanates from us and surrounds us all the time. This Energetic Field can “learn” certain patterns – from our thought forming habits, ancestry, and even past life.

For example, my father always had this dream of playing professional football. When he was young, he tried joining a sports academy but coming from humble origins and a family not connected to the communist party, he couldn’t. At that time, you just needed to know the right people to bribe, so you can get to any school and advance your career.

Even though he was great at sports, he never got to pursue his dream because he couldn’t afford it. Because of this, he always felt he had this unexplored potential which many people undervalued or did not appreciate.

It wasn’t until I was able to detect this in my energetic field that I realized this ancestral pattern that originated from my father also affected me, particularly in business and career! This manifested in curious ways like properties in my real estate business constantly getting undervalued, or that people wouldn’t pay me my worth, or me always feeling like others – with lesser skills – being offered better opportunities.

These energetic patterns can weave through our ancestry and be passed down to our children in very subtle, almost undetectable ways.

Reason 3: Plugging Into The Wrong Collective Consciousness

Every country has its own “collective consciousness,” which is sort of an iCloud or Google Drive of that country’s belief systems, cultural norms, thoughts, and ideas being by every single person who’s “plugged in” to that cloud.

Sometimes, when you’re plugged into a collective consciousness that is not optimal when it comes to entrepreneurship, it can cause a blockage in your business growth. It doesn’t mean you have to leave the country for your business to grow though. We can actually unplug from one collective consciousness to another.

A lot of countries and cultures have a negative notion around wealth. That “money is the root of evil,” and “rich people are evil because they take away from the poor.” In my home country, Poland, for example, we look at entrepreneurs as inherently dishonest and we even have a saying that “the first million needs to be stolen”. Beliefs like this, perhaps in your country or even within the collective consciousness of your family or friend group, are blocking your business from evolving into something that brings you great wealth.

Recently, after our holiday to Poland, I have noticed a slump in my business. While I have disconnected long ago from Poland’s collective consciousness because it didn’t serve me (which dramatically changed the trajectory of my business and finances), it wasn’t until we traveled back home to Costa Rica that I noticed that I unknowingly re-plugged back to Poland’s collective consciousness.

Perhaps because it was so easy to fall back into it as Poland is my home country, and its energies felt so familiar. 

The only reason I was able to spot my reversion back to Poland’s collective consciousness is because I matched what happened in my physical reality with what happened in my finances, and I could see exactly the week when I stopped making money – which was the week when we visited Poland.

The Solutions To A Business Slump

So now that you know the energetic reasons why you are experiencing business slumps, how do you get yourself out of it?

1. Detection

It’s important to be very aware of your energies and the energies surrounding your business, and to actually track down points in time when business started slowing down. Pay attention to patterns and chronology. This is where energy meets strategy.

What helps me personally is my spiritual journal – of what is happening energetrically, what activations and energy work I conduct on one hand, and the KPIs and records I make for my business on the other. This helps me track down days when business starts to slow down and then match that with what happened days or a few weeks prior.

2. Check your Akashic Records 

Detection, however, is easier done if those blockages only appeared recently. If this has been going on for a long time, you might need to go deeper and track down your soul’s journey through the Akashic Records in order to specifically point out whether it’s caused by some ancestral pattern or past life karma.

3. Disconnect from your current collective consciousness

If your business slowdown is due to the fact that you’re plugged in to, maybe cultural beliefs around money that are preventing you from business growth, it’s something you can work on by disconnecting.

Disconnecting can be done by consciously giving thanks to the country we want to disconnect from in a graceful manner, then feeling our energy leaving the said consciousness using the power of our intention. Then you can connect to the abundance grid of the New Earth and feel the relief.

Now that you have an idea of the possible energetic reasons why your business isn’t going where you want it to go, I hope you will be able to jump this hurdle.

Let’s create an abundant and sustainable New Earth together!

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