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The idea that Starseeds – advanced spiritual beings from other realms – walk alongside humans have captured the imagination of many open-hearted individuals. Those of us who feel a sense of not belonging to Earth, often wonder: Am I a Starseed? And if so, what are my Starseed origins?

What are Starseeds?

A definition of Starseed is a Soul from another world, another Race, who answered the call for help from Gaia and volunteered to come to Earth during the times of humanity’s consciousness ascension. Starseeds selflessly elected to come here and contribute, to assist humanity and this planet with their extraordinary talents and gifts. 

The biggest myth about Star Seeds is that they are aliens. This is actually not correct. Starseed children are fully human in this incarnation – however they carry wisdom and experiences from incarnations when they were Star Beings.

Starseeds signed their Soul contract energetically with the power of intention and they came through the veil of forgetfulness, to be born on this planet, to then awaken as soon as they are ready, to remember and to begin to enact their Soul Mission.

Types of Starseeds

There are representatives of many different Galactic Races that are here on Earth today as Starseeds: the Pleiadians, the Artcturians, the Sirians, the Blue Avians, the Orions, the Andromedans, the Lyrans and many others. My Twin Flame Aeron Lazar and I have worked personally with hundreds of Starseeds providing them with insights to their Soul origins during individual Akashic sessions and 1-to 1 Soul Mission Activation as well as during group Starseed readings in the Quantum Club.

Drawing on this experience the only consistency is that all Star Beings volunteered for the Starseed Mission and selflessly elected to leave their lives and come here to Earth, contributing with their particular specialisms. All of them – no matter their Starseed origins – have had very interesting experiences and assignments in their past lives. Whether it was navigating a Sirian float of starships in search of new territories, being an expert on communicating with the network of trees as an an Andromedan, training young Arcturians on transition from the children collective consciousness into the adulthood, being a leader of urban planning team as an Orion or a member of Lyran royalty – these invisible imprints usually carry into the Earth experience.

Starseed specialisms usually determine natural talents here on Earth – so for example, I remember Aeron giving a reading to a Sirian Starseed who was in her previous life was in charge of studying star charts and planning the most efficient routes though the Galaxy, only to find out later that she has both a career in logistics and a natural talent for planning trips and large events for her family and friends.

The Pleiadians & Pleiadian Starseeds

The Pleaidians come from the Pleiades star system. Their planet has 7 suns and as such, The Pleaidians are made of photonic energy (light). Their energetic signature is an extremely high frequency one, so much so, that the first time you encounter it, it can almost feel intoxicating and overwhelming. Pleiadians are what we would term as ‘Guardian Angels’, often we see CCTV recordings of people being swept from impending danger at the last second by an invisible force, or a being made of white light. 

How these Race characteristics usually display in Pleiadian Starseeds is that they hold this high frequency and positive vibe as humans. They have a natural talent for uplifting spirits and often choose jobs that involve working with other people, including the vulnerable. 

The Arcturians & Arcturian Starseeds

The Arcturians are a very advanced Race who reside in the Arcturus Star system. Arcutur, in the constellation of Bootes, is visible with the naked eye in Earth’s night sky. The Arcturians have pale blue skin, blonde hair, symmetrical features and they have a Scandinavian appearance,wearing futuristic suits. They are cold blooded. They feel an affinity with the Human race due to having trod a similar ascension pathway themselves. They too, ascended from 3D to 5D, just as the Human race is in the process of doing. They’re one of the most technologically advanced races, with their cutting-edge spacecraft, medical technology and mastery of energetics – consciousness technology. The Arcturian Light Language sounds like Arabic.

The Arcturians have a childlike creative innocence and a light-hearted sense of humour – a trait that is also very common in the Arcturian Starseeds. Arcturians also operate on frequency of total acceptance and non-judgement which again is a trait that translates into the Arcturian Starseeds – at least after they have completed the process of healing, shadow work and emotional mastery.

The Orions & the Orion Starseeds

The Orions (often called the Mintaka after one of the stars in the constellation of Orion) reside in the Orion Star System. They have been directly affected by a prolonged military conflict, The Orion Wars, where they suffered great losses as a species. They live in futuristic looking cities and they have mastered the art of controlling and altering DNA. They did so through eons of scientific and medical research and they are now second to none in this regard. They have modified their own genetics over the years to almost eradicate disease and to reduce physical weaknesses and increase their lifespans. Their diets consist of algae-like food, which is especially grown for its nutrients and harvested, giving them everything their bodies need for survival. They don’t eat for pleasure but only for sustenance.

They have round heads and large circular eyes, their skin complexion is waxy in appearance and pale cream in colour with a blue tinge to it. Their Light Language is extremely fast and it’s difficult to hear individual words. 

With both the Orion Language – that often activates in the Orion Starseeds – and their ways being radically different from humans and lack of information regarding the Orion Race, we have come across many Orion Starseeds who doubt themselves and their mission a lot. Very often, when their Light Language activates, they tend to think they’re making it up – because it doesn’t sound anything like human languages.

Our advice to Orion Starseeds is to embrace their heritage, especially since Orion wisdom regarding both DNA and technology is very much called for in today’s age. Having worked with AI as a part of their development, they have a lot of lessons to share with us in regards to addiction to devices and technology and how to navigate our own evolution journey without giving up the essence of our humanness.

The Sirians & Sirian Starseeds

The Sirians reside in Sirius A and Sirius B within their star system. They are around 4ft in height, gray in color, with elongated craniums (heads) and black eyes. They are highly conscious beings who can communicate effectively both verbally and telepathically and they are also very technologically advanced. There was a small element of their species which split from the main body and who switched polarities to negative. This minority you may have read about from people recounting abductions and experiments. 

The vast majority of the Sirian Race are of a positive polarity. They even came to assist Humanity, sharing technology which helped Humans build the pyramids here around the Earth. They are extremely protective, especially of the females in their society and their energy is ancient, wise, loving and protective. We often utilise their Quantum Technology especially in regards to shielding techniques and seal removal. 

The Sirians love systems and order and in their own words ‘there is always room for improvement’. This is a trait often displayed by Sirian Starseeds who are often very driven, ambitious and devoted to whatever work they undertake, but in particular when it comes to research and advancement. Sirian Starseeds have a certain seriousness and intensity to their personality – when they undertake any project, they totally dedicate themselves to its success, making sure everything is progressing well. They also tend to invest a lot of time, money and energy into their own professional and personal development – which they value more than anything.

The Andromedans & Andromedan Starseeds

The Andromedans reside in the Andromeda star system, they are tall, slim and appear ‘Elf-like’ with a green / cream complexion and Elf-like pointed ears. They are elemental, meaning they can control the elements on their planet  (wind, water, land, fire) consciously.

They live a complete harmonious lifestyle with their planet and ecosystem.

Eons ago, the Andromedan society and planet was on a course for destruction, through pollution and waste and behaviours which caused great damage to the natural environment. A referendum was put to the people. The people voted overwhelmingly to change direction and to do things differently.  It was decided that their species needed to pivot and to become more intune with nature and the planet. They collectively changed course and through generational improvement they now live on a pristine planet, completely in tune with their environment. They consciously connect to networks of trees and live and work amongst them.

The Andromedan energy is very high frequency and they embody an energy of healing, both flora and fauna. This love for nature is often a tell-tale sign of Andromedan Starseeds who are animal, tree and plant lovers. But the innate ability to communicate and heal the non-human species is not the only superpower that Andromedan Starseeds possess. They are also likely to tap into their talents of commanding physical reality and elements through phenomena such as telekinesis. 

Starseeds symbols

Starseed symbols seem to be a popular subject, but it is not something that we personally subscribe to. However, there are many instances where ‘symbols’ are associated with Starseeds. Some of these are Sacred Geometry symbols that people see in their consciousness when channelling a particular race’s Light Language. Light Language can also often be drawn and expressed in the form of art and drawing. This often contains shapes and symbols, all of which are energy and frequency when broken down to the most basic elements. Each Races Light Language is very unique and specific and contains the essence of that Race. The sounds or symbols of those Languages can help Starseeds anchor in the higher frequencies of their home Races to Earth.

How to know if you are a Starseed?

Starseeds often feel like they don’t fit in, or don’t belong to the ‘system’, they feel out of place, but also like they are here for a much bigger purpose. That there is more to life than school, career, marriage, children, retirement, death. They don’t have all the answers, but yet they know instinctively that they are different and not designed to ‘fit in’. 

Often, listening to Light Language samples can begin to awaken memories of past Galactic lifetimes, as the energy behind the words being expressed, resonates on a Soul level. Sometimes Starseeds begin to unlock memories through dreams, or a trigger which sparks Soul memories to be released. But the most sure way of determining your Starseed origins is by visiting the Galactic Block of the Akashic Records – where you can read your full soul’s history, including the very first incarnation after you’ve separated from Source (your Soul origins) and the last Galactic incarnation before Earth which determines your Starseed mission (your Starseed origin)

Our Starseed Story


Riya – Starseed awakening

I was still very deep in the 3D matrix when my Arcturus Star Family first reached out to me. In fact, I was hosting a webinar for my online business, which ended at the ungodly hour of 4.30 a.m. due to the time zone difference. I was wired after the event, so I put on a guided meditation to try to fall asleep.

I couldn’t sleep. Instead, my consciousness was transported to a secluded house in the hills, somewhere between third and fifth dimensions, where linear time did not exist and the future, present, and past all occurred concurrently.

Celeste was a beautiful female being who introduced herself to me. Her features were delicate, and she had fair hair and blue-ish skin. Even though it was my first encounter with an extraterrestrial being in this lifetime, her claim that she came from a cold planet did not surprise me.

However, I must have been concerned about her blue-ish skin because I ran her a hot bath, made a cup of cacao, and brought her a slice of fresh bread and butter (my Polish grandmother would be proud that I attempted to feed an ethereal alien being)

Celeste appeared to be an ambassador on a mission, as she was very matter-of-fact. She was part of the outreach team that awoke the Starseeds.

She gave me three guidelines:

  1. Follow the Grid – I had no idea what the Grid was until I learned about the Earth’s energetic grid… and decided to go to the nearest spiritually charged location available to me, Uluru… and where my husband, Aeron Lazar, met the Arcturian Council of Elders…
  2. Follow the Blue Light – I didn’t understand what she meant at the time, but she was simply referring to Arcturian energy, which appears blue to our consciousness.
  3. Study Sacred Geometry – She even gave me a sacred geometry book that I later found on Amazon. Unfortunately, the reading was so dense with mathematical formulas that I took the easy route and searched Gaia for “sacred geometry”only to come across Mattias De Stefano’s “Initiation” series which then explained everything about the Arcturians and which led me to discover the Race of Star People I met belonged to and the Star Beings that I was once a part of, before deciding to incarnate here on Earth to support the planetary ascension process in these turbulent times!

Aeron – Starseed Awakening

I was a ‘semi-unconventional’ child, on one hand I had a great circle of friends, played sports, rode BMX’s, got into the usual scrapes, and on the other hand I was an avid reader of any book I could find on UFO’s, I was interested in the paranormal and used to conduct paranormal experiments aged 11 with a tape voice recorder. I used to ‘see’ radio and television waves in the sky, remembering how busy the sky looked, even though in the 1980’s we only had 4 channels on the TV. 

Fast forward to my early twenties and a good friend of mine, who is a spiritualist medium and powerful channel, was running Spiritual development classes in a local church hall. I attended every week and it was these classes that turned on my receiver: opened my third eye. 

When my pineal gland got activated, it was terrifying! It was as if all of the radio stations and all of the TV channels wanted to come through at once and it felt like I was losing my mind. I consciously turned it off and pushed the abilities away from me as frankly, I wanted my  anity and headspace back.

Later on in life, in my late thirties, I had my full blown awakening and became aware of the multidimensional potential of my consciousness. I remember visiting Uluru in Australia in an energetic ‘pilgrimage’. The location is highly charged and it’s so tangible you can feel it in the air. Visiting Uluru and Kata Tjuta ‘charged up’ my consciousness  and the next time I accessed a higher state of consciousness, I was able to connect to whom I knew to be The Arcturian Council of Elders.

I remember standing with The Council of Elders and embracing them. I unexpectedly felt a surge of emotion in my heart centre, as if I’d reconnected with family. In that instant, by listening to my heart, I knew them to be my Star Family. 

From this point, I studied with The Arcturian Council of Elders and unpacked all of my previous memories which has been incredible. 

I instinctively knew it, as if memories began to unlock and my consciousness began to receive download after download of information, knowledge, perspective and understanding. I had the urge to speak my truth and share it with the others and teach them how to communicate with Galactic Race, transmit consciousness technology and read the Akashic Records.

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Riya Loveguard

I activate & equip Starseeds, Lightworkers, Conscious Entrepreneurs & Healers on their divine mission

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Picture of Riya Loveguard

Riya Loveguard

I activate & equip Starseeds, Lightworkers, Conscious Entrepreneurs & Healers on their divine mission

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