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This Light Language Expansion Activation was channelled on the 21 June 2022. It contains potent energies of the Solstice combine with frequency of Light Language from 5 different Races of Galactic Light Beings

Arcturian Light Language

✅ Pleiadian Light Language

✅ Lemurian Light Language

✅Lyran Feline Light Language

✅ Lyran Avian Light Language

Doesn’t the Solstice just make you want to gather around a big bonfire and dance as you play with the energies within and around?  Well, that’s kind of what we’re doing in this Light Language Expansion!

But instead of just me and you, I’ve invited some of my Galactic Friends to form a circle around us as we step forward into a bonfire that will bring us transformation and transmutation!

The Solstice brings very powerful energies to us who inhabit the Earth. It symbolizes the changes of the seasons, and how we can harness great powers from the Sun.

That’s why this Light Language Activation was timed accordingly to the Solstice – a great time for celebration, reflection, and expansion! However it can be used at any time of the year – especially when you feel a need to expand and clear stagnant energies.

In this activation, we are joined by 5 amazing Galactic Races to help us maximize the energies that the seasons bring – 

  • the Arcturians are here to activate a couple of our chakras,
  • the Lemurians help us wash away negative energies, 
  • the Pleiadians bring us the energy of joy and healing, 
  • the Lyran Felines are here to bring us confidence and grace, 
  • and finally, the Lyran Avians are bringing us energetic wings to fly over any obstacle!

How Will the Galactic Races Help in this Light Language Expansion?

Sound frequencies of Light Language are an amazing modality to healing and transformation and the results are astoundingly quick, too! In this session, we will be using frequencies expressed in the form of sound to co-create with Galactic Light Races.

Think of me as merely a “spokesperson” for these V.I.P.s, sharing very important messages and energies from their very own consciousness to yours!

Sometimes life in this 3D material realm called Earth can feel a little bit “contracting,” if you know what I mean? The way we built this world and society can cause us to feel heavy and restricted that not even the best massage therapy can remove.

Well, thankfully, our Galactic friends are always ready and willing to share with us their unique, deep wisdom as well as their potent energy codes to help us waddle through our Earthly life.

Getting Into The Mood. How can you receive Galactic energies?

Like all activations in this channel, it will start as you get into a meditative state (and don’t worry, I will guide you all the way!)

Meditation and going beyond the world of five senses is very important in any kind of spiritual healing and transformation session, because it allows our logical (and defensive) mind to quiet down, and expands our consciousness and heart space to download anything from the Galactic and Metaphysical realms.

So, whether you are feeling “squeezed” down by the stresses of your relationships, business, career or physical health, quieting down and getting into a meditative state is a sure-fire way to help you cope and even realize solutions to your problems.

During this session, we will also be rooting ourselves with the energies of Mother Earth, of Gaia, so that our bodies are anchored in as our Energetic Fields welcome the Galactic Codes.

I will also invite you to step forward towards our beautiful, Quantum “Bonfire” of Transformation where we will do a fun little activity – we will lay down energies that are no longer serving us into the fire and watch them be resolved and transmuted! 

Here’s Where The Fun Begins 

After casting our worries into the fire, the Galactic party begins! I will invite my Galactic Friends to bring us their unique Energy Codes one by one, and let it sit (and sink) into your Energetic Field for faster, longer-lasting results. 

Here are some Energetic Gifts that the Galactic Races brought in this activation:

Arcturian Light Language 

Activating Third Eye, Throat Chakra, and Sacral Chakra.

Pleiadian Light Language 

Increase your body’s capacity to hold light, so that every single cell in your body heals, and dispels densities that are not serving your highest good.

Lemurian Light Language  

Bringing in the power of water, Lemurians will help you wash away negative feelings of guilt, shame, self-hate or any dark energy, helping you see your very own divinity.

Lyran Feline Light Language 

The Felines will shower your Energetic Field with confidence and elegance, helping you stand tall with your head high despite life’s adversities.

Lyran Avian Light Language  

Your heart will earn wings! I’m not kidding. The Avians have come to this session to pull any weight away from your heart, so that your soul can soar over any obstacle.

This Light Language Activation is a 5-punch session, right in the gut of anything that’s keeping you from living your most authentic, abundant, and spiritually conscious self. 

The energies of the Solstice are timelessly-retained in the recording – and you can tune in to this powerful session any time of the year.

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Riya Loveguard

I activate & equip Starseeds, Lightworkers, Conscious Entrepreneurs & Healers on their divine mission

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Picture of Riya Loveguard

Riya Loveguard

I activate & equip Starseeds, Lightworkers, Conscious Entrepreneurs & Healers on their divine mission

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