Total Energetic Sovereignty: Thriving as a Sovereign Being

Riya Loveguard

Embark on a journey into the realm of total energetic sovereignty and thriving as a sovereign being as we are unravelling the layers of energetic mastery, shedding light on what it truly means to be sovereign, and uncovering practical strategies for navigating the ascension journey right here in 3D.

Unveiling the Essence of Sovereignty

Picture this: a world where each individual operates as a vibrant, colourful ball of energy, freely bouncing against one another while maintaining their unique hues. This imagery symbolises the core essence of what it means to be energetically sovereign. Just like these individual balls, we are designed to coexist in harmony, connecting and bouncing off one another while preserving our individuality. However, our journey through life often tangles these energetic threads, resulting in a complex web of influences and projections.

Energetic Sovereignty as the Ultimate Goal

Energetic sovereignty isn’t just a buzzword in the spiritual community; it’s the culmination of our ascension journey. Amidst my diverse passions – teaching light language, activating psychic abilities, and exploring the energetics of business – nothing ignites my passion more than guiding individuals toward their highest potential through energetic sovereignty. This isn’t about retreating from society but rather flourishing within it, running on your unique energetic infrastructure.

The Misconceptions of Energetic Sovereignty

Energetic Sovereignty can seem daunting, but in this livestream we demystify its true essence. Contrary to popular misconceptions, sovereignty doesn’t automatically mean isolation or withdrawal from society. It’s about thriving authentically in any context, whether you’re a 9-to-5 professional, a stay-at-home parent, or an entrepreneur. Sovereignty is for everyone – and not just for those who choose to live off-grid in a commune.

The Challenge of Energetic Connections

Our interactions with others – whether family, friends, or societal structures – impact our energetic state. The beauty of energetic sovereignty lies in understanding these connections and learning how to navigate them with grace.

The essence of energetic sovereignty lies in drawing energy only and directly from Gaia and Cosmos, rather than recycled frequency tainted by external influences of other people. By strengthening your root and crown energy streams, you create an energetic force field that shields you from energetic intrusions. Strengthening your own energy streams forms the foundation. Breathing in the freshness of Gaia and Cosmos invigorates your being, while safeguarding your heart’s wisdom empowers you to set healthy boundaries.

Creating a Closed Circuit

Picture the energy entering your body as two streams – one flowing from the Earth (Gaia) through your root chakra and the other descending from the cosmos through your crown chakra. These streams, when nurtured and strengthened through practices like breathwork and visualization, lay the foundation for your energetic well-being.

Now, imagine building a personal force field that shields you from external interferences and influences. It’s like setting energetic boundaries that allow you to navigate the world without being drained or swayed by outside energies. You can do this by connecting specific chakras in a closed circuit, creating an unbreakable loop that strengthens your energetic structure and insulates you from energetic siphoning.

The process takes time, much like training your hair to part in a different way. With consistent practice and visualization, you’ll establish an empowered energy system that radiates your unique frequencies while deflecting unwanted influences. We teach this process in detail inside the Energetic Mastery Workshop which is a part of the Quantum Club library – available instantly here.

Overcoming the Challenges

As we strive for sovereignty, challenges arise. We fear judgment, losing relationships, and standing out as “rude.” Yet, through intentional energy work, we can overcome these obstacles. Remember, this isn’t about closing yourself off from the world; it’s about cultivating a protective energy bubble that lets you engage with the world authentically. 

Energetic sovereignty isn’t a solitary journey – it’s a partnership between you and the universe. Weaving the threads of Gaia and Cosmos, you become the architect of your energetic space. This empowerment empowers you to express your truth, stand your ground, and trust your intuition.

Unlocking Total Energetic Mastery

So, how can we achieve total energetic mastery and thrive as sovereign beings? The answer lies in embracing our unique energy streams, creating a close circuit where energy does not leak outside – and where our energetic infrastructure does not receive any “foreign” energy in form of other people’s projections, expectations or direct manipulation. When we take care of this energetic infrastructure we will foster deep self-trust, and effortlessly establish energetic boundaries. It’s about reclaiming our power and forging connections rooted in authenticity. The path isn’t always easy, but it’s transformative and liberating.

Claiming Your Direct Connection

It is important to add that true energetic sovereignty isn’t just about shielding yourself – it’s also about forging your direct connection to the divine, to your higher self, and to Source energy. It’s tempting to rely on others for guidance, but there comes a point when you must step into your power and access your own wisdom.

Imagine a world where you no longer depend on external activations, readings, or interventions to connect with the spiritual realm. Instead, you engage with your inner guidance, your intuition, and your unique abilities. This doesn’t mean you can’t seek guidance or learn from others; it means you’re no longer shackled by the belief that you lack the capacity to access these insights on your own.

Remember that being an energetic sovereign is an ongoing practice. It’s about embracing your authenticity, standing in your power, and navigating the complex web of energetic connections with confidence. Sovereignty is the art of harmonizing your unique energy with the collective tapestry of existence. So, as you step forward, may you continue to thrive as the sovereign being you were destined to be.

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Riya Loveguard

I activate & equip Starseeds, Lightworkers, Conscious Entrepreneurs & Healers on their divine mission

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Picture of Riya Loveguard

Riya Loveguard

I activate & equip Starseeds, Lightworkers, Conscious Entrepreneurs & Healers on their divine mission

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